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Title Photo
Sankaty Light at Sunset

Publications and Current CV

Research Program Supervisor
Nantucket Conservation Foundation


Nantucket Conservation Foundation (August 2008 – present)
Research Program Supervisor; Science and Stewardship Department                                                                       
Executes the Foundation’s scientific research program. Designs, manages and analyzes various research projects aimed at improving knowledge related to ecology and management of rare species and habitats on Nantucket MA.

Oversees a staff of two Ecologists and a seasonal field crew. Research and restoration projects performed in salt marshes, rare coastal plain pond shores, beach and dunes and globally rare sandplain grassland and heathland habitats.

Internal reports, blogpost, social media coordination and professional publications document and communicate Departmental research.

Current research at: https://ncfscience.wordpress.com/

Research Interests                                              Professional Memberships

Wetland Ecology and Function                                        Society of Wetland Scientists
Wetland Restoration (Fresh and salt)                                            President, New England Chapter
Wetlands and Climate Change                                                          Women in Wetlands Society
Ecology Conservation, Management                               New England Estuarine Research Society
       and Restoration
Carnivorous Plant Ecology                                                 Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative
Plant Population and Conservation Genetics                                Biennial Conference Co-Chair
Sandplain Grassland and Heathland Ecology               Sandplain Grassland Working Group
                                                                                                                      Management Team

Professional Profiles available on


Karberg, J.M., K.C. Beattie, D.I. O’Dell, and K.A. Omand. 2015. Salinity tolerance of common reed (Phragmites australis) at the MedouieCreek restoration site, Nantucket MA. Wetland Science and Practice 32(1): 19-23.

Omand, K.A., J.M. Karberg, K.C. Beattie, D.I. O’Dell, and R.S. Freeman. 2014. Soil seed bank in Nantucket’s early successional communities: Implications for management. Natural Areas Journal 34(2): 188-199.

Karberg, J.M., J. Marburger, and M.R. Gale. 2009. Exploring the influence of genetic diversity on pitcher plant restoration in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Park Science 26(2) (http://www.nature.nps.gov/ParkScience/index.cfm?ArticleID=230&Page=1)

Karberg, J.M. and J. Marburger. 2009. Sidebar: Ecology of plant carnivory. Park Science 26(2) (http://www.nature.nps.gov/ParkScience/index.cfm?ArticleID=324&Page=1)   

Chimner, R.A. and J.M. Karberg. 2008. Long-term carbon accumulation in two tropical mountain peatlands, Andes Mountains, Ecuador. Mires and Peat 3 Article 04: 1-10

Karberg, J. M. and M. R. Gale. 2006. Genetic diversity and distribution of Sarracenia purpurea in the Western Lake Superior Basin. Canadian Journal of Botany 84: 235-242

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