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homemade with love on Nantucket. 

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Why Nantucket Nature Baby?

I've always been a bit 'granola'- minded from my early roots as President and Founder of a local Kids for Saving the Earth club to my degree in wetland ecology and restoration. As a new and working mom, I wanted to reduce my new baby's footprint on the earth, find ways to give her the healthiest, most natural care and still keep my sanity while working full time! 

So I began researching natural baby products I could make at home that wouldn't break the bank or take massive amounts of time. I started with butt rash cream and went from there. Baby skin is more absorbent than adult skin, the barrier layer that skin provides isn't as strong yet and almost everything you put on your baby gets absorbed into their blood steam. Have you read some of the ingredients on standard butt cream? Gah!

I realized I was producing good products and wanted to share my findings with other moms who may not have the time over even desire to make these baby products. And Nantucket Nature Baby was born!

Below are descriptions of the products I currently am making. If you are interested in any of these, just email me!

*Also, all products are in beautiful blue glass containers (helps preserve the product). If you return the container, you get a discount on your next product - keep recycling!

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