Title Photo

Title Photo
Sankaty Light at Sunset

07 March, 2010

Who says Nantucket's grey in the winter?

After day after day of rain - Sierra is ready to get out! Dog are only allowed on Great Point during the winter otherwise they chase and eat the endangered shorebirds, yum tasty plovers...

Great Point Faro - about as 'remote' as you can get on Nantucket!

Sure looks warm doesn't it?

Now Doggie's happy!

And Noah's cold - see it may look warm out with the sun and the blue sea and the whole beach atmosphere but it's not. You forget, on Nantucket there's the gusty freezing wind and cold cold water - not a bikini and swim trunk day!

A winter adventure on Nantucket just chases the apathy and boredom away!


Anonymous said...

I loved it out there when we were there last summer! Glad sierra could play. THanks for the update!

Ali B. said...

Looks so inviting ... chilly but sunny & blue! Enjoy your day. :)

catherine a said...

dang, homie! i just found your blog, and i'm so happy to have read this entry about running. good luck to you in training!