02 July, 2009

Wild Weather

Nantucket has been having the rainiest, dreariest, coolest spring/summer I've seen in awhile, and I lived in the UP! On the plus side, my garden looks fantastic - as green as I've ever seen one of my gardens:

A week ago, I missed a wonderful Nor'easter storm (I was off island) that corresponded with one of the highest tide cycles of the year. 6 boats sunk in the harbor (some not so accidentally?) As a result, Nantucketers are on the lookout for strange and wild weather patterns.

Yesterday definitely qualified as wild and wooly weather. At the end of the day, everyone was talking about the sausage cloud that rolled over head around noon:

This first picture is outside my work

This second one was taken out at one of our field sites by Kelly Omand.

According to wikipedia this roll form of the arcus cloud is fairly rare. Regardless it caused quite a stir and nothing much happened from it!

People relaxed, went about their work and then around 4:30pm everything went dark and the Nothing (remember your "Neverending Story"?) come in bringing heavy rains and fantastic cloud movement.

These clouds were literally boiling. And one poor dog was so keyed up she even wanted to going out in the rain!