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05 March, 2009

I'm a slacker

It's official and I admit it - I'm a complete slacker when it comes to writing this blog! It's been over a month - that's just not right. And if I don't write something now - before I go away for two weeks on vacation, my mother will hurt me :)

I know what my problem is with writing this blog - it's that I spend too darn much time in front of a computer. We're well into the winter months and if you're an ecologist like me you know what winter means - hours spent in front of a computer. In contrast the summer season means hours spent outside in the field. It usually has a nice symmetry - by the time winter roles around I need a break from constant field work and by the time summer roles around it's time to get outside: this really prevents boredom because a life spent in front of a computer is not the life for me! So now I'm getting to the point where the computer is driving me crazy and the thought of going home and sitting down in front of the computer to write a simple and witty blog for you all to read is enough to make me run for the hills, if Nantucket had any hills.

It's also time for my recharge, my yearly vacation to break up the monotony of winter weather. Noah and I are winging our way down to our favorite little Mexican Island next week (Cozumel) for almost 2 weeks of relaxation bliss - no cell phones, no computers, no internet, no TV and plenty of sand, beach, sun, exploration, and margaritas - my idea of paradise! I promise to post many many pictures to make you all jealous when I get back.

Until then, here are some delightful Nantucket pictures. I particularly love the seal. He popped out of the water while Noah and I and our visiting friend Linda were taking a sunset beach walk and he proceeded to wave goodbye to us - seals are one of the dearest pleasures of Nantucket life!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I love your blog and pics. I understand about the computer issue and winter... we just need to find winter sports.!!! Have a great time in Cozumel Love Mom

Jen Karberg said...

Thanks Mom - I will have fun! I'll try and write more often - it's good for my brain! :)

Anonymous said...

That's a seal? Wow...for a second, I thought that was Noah...

Just kidding...enjoy the vaca..

Uncle Chuck...