Title Photo

Title Photo
Sankaty Light at Sunset

01 February, 2009

When the Light is Right ... Treasure is found!

One of my favorite things so far about Nantucket in the winter time is the light here. If you're a photographer and see everything framed in light and texture - this is the place for you. We may not have much elevation or large variations in texture but the contrast of moor and blue sky and lower horizon light lends itself to some amazing pictures! Here is a sample of some of my favorite from the past few weeks concluding with the excavation of a treasure found out at Eel Point - the northwestern most portion of the island!

When the tide is high, freezes, and then recedes, this lovely pattern of shattered ice suspended in grass appears!

Full-speed dog racing through a rare snowy day.

The wind is always blowing on the Tucket - kicking up loosely packed snow.

And now - the adventure of the horseshoe crab. Noah and I have been scouting out extraordinary horseshoe crabs and have accumulated findings of very small and, we thought fairly large crab shells. Until we found this monster frozen in the snow and proceeded to very very carefully extract it without breaking it!

Noah intent on excavation

A crab encased in snow.

And it's extracted in all its beauty!


Ali B. said...

OH MY! Is that crab dead? Great photos Jen!

Anonymous said...

HA!....I've seen bigger in my day...okay..maybe not frozen but..whatever...

Anonymous said...

sigh. I'll have to come out there and teach Noah proper excavation technique. but--wow!!!

amyelita said...

Oooo..beautiful pictures! I especially love the one at the top of the seal greeting us from the shore :) not just because of the seal but also the gorgeous colors!