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04 January, 2009

Ringing in the New Year

Welcome to 2009! I know a lot of people are say - thank goodness 2008 is over but not me - I had a great year and I'm hoping that 2009 and will be just as fantastic.

So it's a New Year and the time for the traditional wiping clean of the slate and making of non-lasting resolutions. I've certainly participated in this craziness myself many times and it always ends the same way - "what resolution?", "Did I fail again?". Really, who needs all the negativity and disappointment! So this year I have a different plan. I'm starting the new year off by acknowledging what I did accomplish in 2008 regardless of whether is was a resolution or not. And then I've decided on some workable goals, foci, things about which I can feel accomplished next year.

The things I'm proud of this year:

1) Obviously - the fact that I finished the dissertation! Officially Dr. Jen!
2) Learning alternate exercise routines when I stopped being able to run - I didn't give up, I just changed my methods!
3) Starting a new and challenging job - doing EXACTLY what I want, not what my advisor/academia thought I should be doing.
4) Moving cross country - by myself (Noah came around much later!)

Of course there are things I"m not proud of but why dwell!

Things I'm planning of being proud of next year!

1) Fitness related - I'm already working towards these - a) doing 2 full, unassisted pull ups and b) doing 10 big boy pushups.
2) Fixing my plantar fasciitis so I can start running again and train for a 1/2 marathon (it's been a goal for a long time!)
3) Giving back - through money and volunteer work

Hmmm - I'm sure there will be more things that come up - who knows what the year will bring! But I"m ready and excited for it. Here's to fresh starts.

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Ali B. said...

Wow Jen.. 2 pull-ups. Ugh, I've never been able to do those things. :) I like the idea of reflecting on the good stuff rather than make promises I know I won't keep!