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Sankaty Light at Sunset

02 October, 2008

A Visitation

So my fantastic friend Jess came out to visit me on Nantucket a little over a week ago - she came all the way from that crazy state of Ohio! Man, the midwest is just so far away from this little island out in the Atlantic :)

Anyways - her visit was a fantastic chance to go hike in some places I haven't seen yet and to try out lots and lots of new restaurants around Town. Our favorite by far was the Brotherhood of Thieves, whose downstairs feels just like a dark and dank English pub complete with fireplaces. And the food was fairly good also. The atmosphere suited Jess and I to a T :)

High on Jess's list was to visit our cranberry bogs - NCF, the non-profit I work for, owns and manages 2 cranberry bogs on Nantucket - Windswept Cranberry Bog (an organically managed bog) and Milestone Cranberry Bog. We went in to see Milestone and check on how the cranberries were doing.

They weren't quite ready then but I do have to report that it is now time for cranberry harvesting season! Keep an eye out - next weekend NCF hosts a cranberry harvest festival - I will be supplying more cranberry and sheep pictures post that event!

On the way home from Milestone Bog we had to stop and take a picture of the Serengeti, one of our lovely grasslands in the Middle Moors - it really does look a bit like an African plain and so someone decided that these lions would feel right at home hanging out here!

I had a great 5 days with Jess and was sad to see her leave the island but hey - I guess you can't vacation all the time!!! :) I'll just have to make her come back when it's really summer again and we can sit on the beach for long periods of time!

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