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Sankaty Light at Sunset

19 October, 2008

A Red and Sandy Weekend (Finally)

What a crazy strange and fun week it's been! Starting with a three day weekend of Cranberry Festivals and beach driving to participating in my first prescribed burn to entertaining new friends in our teeny apartment ending with a chowder (chowda) tasting contest and going from warm and sunny to overcast and super windy - fall on Nantucket is almost as change-able as a UP fall!

First off, last weekend was Columbus Day weekend - a lovely three day weekend. Noah and I started off on Friday with a nice long bike riding, heading off into fantastic, practically pure sand. We biked out to Altar Rock - the second highest spot on the island ( so around 108 ft above sea level!) It was a good ride though - felt nice to get off the beaten path again!

Saturday was the Nantucket Conservation Foundations Annual Cranberry Festival! We own an extremely large cranberry bog - there were pictures in a previous post - and every year is this festival for the public to come and watch the harvest, buy cranberries and cranberry products, and meet our sheep. I worked the honey booth - we were selling honey made by the bees that pollinated our cranberry plants - that stuff flew off the shelves like hot cakes! Then Noah and dog came out and I took a tour of the flooded bog - just gorgeous fall colors!

The day after cranberry festival - we took our fancy new car and headed out to Great Point. Great Point is the farthest northeast point on the island located along a narrow strip of sand - this part of the island was its own island for many weeks after the NoName Storm (what every else thinks of as the "Perfect Storm"). So we drove the tank out to just before the sand road, took the tire pressure down to 15 psi, made sure we had a shovel and a board and out we went driving on the sand, all the way out to the tip and the lovely old lighthouse!

Yum - Nantucket life is going swimmingly so far! I'll post some fire pictures soon!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer... what wonderful pictures and I love the narrative. You are living the good life. Enjoy and treasure these memories.

Meg said...

The cranberry bogs are so pretty!!! Wow :) Did Sierra try to eat some of them?

Hope you're having fun seeing Great Big Sea!

Jen Karberg said...

The bogs are gorgeous - the 'Tucket is an awesome place to live so far! Sierra loved the cranberry fest - she wanted to jump into the water I think but she's not interested in the berries :)

amyelita said...

Sweet! Wish I could have been cranberry harvesting with you :)