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Title Photo
Sankaty Light at Sunset

07 October, 2008

The "new" vehicle!

So Noah and I have been talking about how we will need a 4X4 vehicle so we can get out to some parts of this island you can only access via sand-driving! There are some really neat parts of this island with no houses and excellent surf casting and great isolated beaches. There was no way we were gonna live out here without being able to get to these cool places - beach driving - it's crazy!!

Then, a week before Noah came out here my friend Jess and I spotted this fantastic, beautiful shiny blue Toyota Land Cruiser parked across the street from my apartment with a "For Sale" sign on it - perfect! To top it off, the car had Michigan license plates and it just it such a cool looking car! Luckily Noah agreed it was cool - we took a test drive and now it belongs to us! We are the proud owners of a 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser, completely redone, with a brand new stereo system complete with iPod jack (we're convinced that the stereo system is worth more than the car. But just look at this thing - have you ever seen a cooler car that will drive on sand? It certainly looks better to us than any modern Escalade or Jeep or other SUV-thingy - it's definitely an old style beach car :)

So anyone who comes to visit us - we'll take you on a tour out to Great Point - it'll be worth it! (You know you're jealous!)


Erin said...

I LOVE it-- I think you have my dream vehicle! It has just the look I've always loved, knowing nothing about cars. Ah, I am jealous. Enjoy! :)

Jen Karberg said...

Well now you'll HAVE to come visit so you can drive it - isn't it fantastic - I saw it and decided I wanted it - luckily Noah agreed. We had to be careful and make sure we thought rationally before buying it!

Martie said...

Keep in mind that Great Point may be closed to driving forever soon. There is a meeting on October 15 to discuss the possible closure at the Town Building annex on Washing Street.
And most of the beach up to Great Point is closed most of the Summer due to nesting Piping Plovers.

Jen Karberg said...

It sounds like the purpose of the meeting is to get public input on conservation needs and community wants for use and the resources out at Great Point - seems like permanent closure isn't the primary focus of the conservation plan. Although I do have to admit, that as an ecologist, beach driving just makes no sense to me!!! but everyone else gets to do it so I might as well too :)

Ali B. said...

Now I'm inspired to post a comment because that has the look of MY dream car! Nice purchase!

Meg said...

it's fantastic! some day i'll visit and see it :)

did you get my voicemail about national feral kitty day on thursday?

Jen Karberg said...

I did finally get it yesterday when I thought to check my old phone!!! Wrong phone number Meg :) But I didn't enjoy the idea of feral kitty day! I"ll find some to chase around - we have a herd of baby feral kitties by the office at work - adorable!!!