19 October, 2008

A Red and Sandy Weekend (Finally)

What a crazy strange and fun week it's been! Starting with a three day weekend of Cranberry Festivals and beach driving to participating in my first prescribed burn to entertaining new friends in our teeny apartment ending with a chowder (chowda) tasting contest and going from warm and sunny to overcast and super windy - fall on Nantucket is almost as change-able as a UP fall!

First off, last weekend was Columbus Day weekend - a lovely three day weekend. Noah and I started off on Friday with a nice long bike riding, heading off into fantastic, practically pure sand. We biked out to Altar Rock - the second highest spot on the island ( so around 108 ft above sea level!) It was a good ride though - felt nice to get off the beaten path again!

Saturday was the Nantucket Conservation Foundations Annual Cranberry Festival! We own an extremely large cranberry bog - there were pictures in a previous post - and every year is this festival for the public to come and watch the harvest, buy cranberries and cranberry products, and meet our sheep. I worked the honey booth - we were selling honey made by the bees that pollinated our cranberry plants - that stuff flew off the shelves like hot cakes! Then Noah and dog came out and I took a tour of the flooded bog - just gorgeous fall colors!

The day after cranberry festival - we took our fancy new car and headed out to Great Point. Great Point is the farthest northeast point on the island located along a narrow strip of sand - this part of the island was its own island for many weeks after the NoName Storm (what every else thinks of as the "Perfect Storm"). So we drove the tank out to just before the sand road, took the tire pressure down to 15 psi, made sure we had a shovel and a board and out we went driving on the sand, all the way out to the tip and the lovely old lighthouse!

Yum - Nantucket life is going swimmingly so far! I'll post some fire pictures soon!

07 October, 2008

The "new" vehicle!

So Noah and I have been talking about how we will need a 4X4 vehicle so we can get out to some parts of this island you can only access via sand-driving! There are some really neat parts of this island with no houses and excellent surf casting and great isolated beaches. There was no way we were gonna live out here without being able to get to these cool places - beach driving - it's crazy!!

Then, a week before Noah came out here my friend Jess and I spotted this fantastic, beautiful shiny blue Toyota Land Cruiser parked across the street from my apartment with a "For Sale" sign on it - perfect! To top it off, the car had Michigan license plates and it just it such a cool looking car! Luckily Noah agreed it was cool - we took a test drive and now it belongs to us! We are the proud owners of a 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser, completely redone, with a brand new stereo system complete with iPod jack (we're convinced that the stereo system is worth more than the car. But just look at this thing - have you ever seen a cooler car that will drive on sand? It certainly looks better to us than any modern Escalade or Jeep or other SUV-thingy - it's definitely an old style beach car :)

So anyone who comes to visit us - we'll take you on a tour out to Great Point - it'll be worth it! (You know you're jealous!)

02 October, 2008

A Visitation

So my fantastic friend Jess came out to visit me on Nantucket a little over a week ago - she came all the way from that crazy state of Ohio! Man, the midwest is just so far away from this little island out in the Atlantic :)

Anyways - her visit was a fantastic chance to go hike in some places I haven't seen yet and to try out lots and lots of new restaurants around Town. Our favorite by far was the Brotherhood of Thieves, whose downstairs feels just like a dark and dank English pub complete with fireplaces. And the food was fairly good also. The atmosphere suited Jess and I to a T :)

High on Jess's list was to visit our cranberry bogs - NCF, the non-profit I work for, owns and manages 2 cranberry bogs on Nantucket - Windswept Cranberry Bog (an organically managed bog) and Milestone Cranberry Bog. We went in to see Milestone and check on how the cranberries were doing.

They weren't quite ready then but I do have to report that it is now time for cranberry harvesting season! Keep an eye out - next weekend NCF hosts a cranberry harvest festival - I will be supplying more cranberry and sheep pictures post that event!

On the way home from Milestone Bog we had to stop and take a picture of the Serengeti, one of our lovely grasslands in the Middle Moors - it really does look a bit like an African plain and so someone decided that these lions would feel right at home hanging out here!

I had a great 5 days with Jess and was sad to see her leave the island but hey - I guess you can't vacation all the time!!! :) I'll just have to make her come back when it's really summer again and we can sit on the beach for long periods of time!