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Sankaty Light at Sunset

06 September, 2008

Weekend Adventures

Well - it's a Saturday afternoon and I'm settling in for the approach of Hurricane Hanna. All week this has been hyped as big news with people going around bringing boats off the water and bringing in patio furniture and the predictions of wind speeds just keep dropping - I'm not holding my breath but if it gets crazy I'm running down to Surfside beach for some wave and wind pictures - I'll keep you all posted!

On other news - I now have things. My apartment now actually has furniture - I didn't think I minded sleeping on a blow up mattress for 4 weeks until I got to sleep in a real bed again!

Noah came out last week - taking the slow Steamship ferry across from Hyannis and I ran down to the dock to get pictures of him coming on the boat.

Here you can see the Steamship as it comes around Brant Point - that's the Brant Point lighthouse there - it's such a little cute lighthouse!

As I'm taking pictures the back of the ferry opens up and you can see some of the cars inside. A little boy next to me exclaims "there's a U-Haul on the boat!" And sure enough there's Noah in his orange rain jacket and the back of our ginormous UHaul truck!

He arrived safely and we got everything off loaded - I won't show you apartment pics yet 'cause it's still too crazy messy with boxes and piles of stuff everywhere - it's hard to move from a house with a basement and garage into an apartment! But we're working on it!

I took Noah out to Surfside Beach which is an easy bike ride from our apartment and swam in the waves - he was suitably impressed. And then we kayaked through some good waves, out to Coskata-Cotaue on the outside of Nantucket Harbor.

And we found some fantastic beach artifacts! All together a fantastic weekend and Noah has decided that yes, Nantucket might be a place he could live for awhile!


Erin said...

Yay! I'm glad you guys had fun and that Noah is a fan of Nantucket. ;)

Jen Karberg said...

I am glad he's a fan - it takes the pressure off 'cause I want him to be happy - we found a nice local brewery that will keep him entertained!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention the poorly behaved kids, and how you almost made them cry!

Jen Karberg said...

Way to go anonymous Noah :) I tried to forget the poorly behaved kids who decided that our little secluded part of the beach was their play ground - I'm not very nice though!

Anonymous said...

heh-maybe you should have waved the business end of that horseshoe crab at them.

Jen Karberg said...

That would have been truly interesting :) I just found out yesterday that that is what that was! Horseshoe crabs are just so primitive looking!

Anonymous said...

yeah, I think they're ancient in the same way that sharks are--unchanged for millenia. pretty neat.