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19 September, 2008

I'm still here!!

I'm sorry for the long time between posts - not my fault!!!! The server that provides the wireless internet connection at my apt has been down for two weeks and I just haven't felt like staying at work after work to play on the internet - so sorry, if you suffered!

Nantucket is still Nantucket - the fall season is definitely moving in now with nice cloudy and windy fall days. I had to battle the wind on my bike ride home yesterday from work. There really aren't hills to speak of in Nantucket - certainly not compared to Houghton! But even the little downhills that I enjoy speeding through, I had to fight against - I understand that this is life on the island - lots o' wind particularly as fall and then winter approach. And then to top it all off, I got a flat bike tire (I mean instantly and extremely flat tire) and had to walk the rest of the way home. That was okay but annoying 'cause I have a friend visiting who was using the car and now I have to leave her vehicle-less for the day! Off to the bike shop after work today!

Now, here's something kinda cool. The washer and dryer for my apt finally got installed last week. But it's something new and exciting - it's a washer/dryer - wait for it - combination! One unit both washes and dries - there is no need to take the clothes out and put them in a different unit. It is one of the craziest things I've seen lately - who knew that they made something like this?! It still baffles me a little bit - I mean, there's no lint trap for the dryer! It's just insane BUT it washes my clothes and it works for me!


The Tattooed Librarian said...

I've heard of them. They seem really cool and a total space saver. But what if the dryer part breaks, does that mean the washing part also doesn't work?

Jen Karberg said...

Good question - I have no idea?!? The guy that owns my apt and installed this for me - he isn't even really sure how it all works. I bet if it breaks that is it - so I'll keep my fingers crossed that doesn't happen!

Anonymous said...

Well..at least you can wash and dry! It will be interesting to see how the bike riding goes in the winter!

Jen Karberg said...

Anonymous poster - who are you? :) Biking in the winter will be interesting but I'm determined to try it out - gas is way to expensive here on the island!

amyelita said...

Oooo...I want a combo washer/dryer...just remember to take sweaters and stuff out! It's getting cold here in America, so don't forget to bring warm clothes when you visit :)

Erin said...

Wow, I am excited about your new appliance. What a fascinating invention!

I too am guilty of sparse posts... such is life, eh?! :)