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Title Photo
Sankaty Light at Sunset

18 August, 2008

One Week as a Nantucketer

Well - it's official - I've survived one whole week on this island - my new home! I've worked hard for a week, figuring out this complicated job I've jumped into, getting to know all the people I'm working with, and figuring out where things are! Nantucket may be small but quite a few of the roads make no sense - I've done some spectacular but unexpected off-road biking this week. That's right biking - I am now officially a bike commuter to EVERYWHERE. This weekend was the first time I drove in a week and that is only 'cause I have no way to pull my kayak with my bike (yet!)

I was greeted with a delightful surprise on my first day of work - this picture is my new desk - note the lovely flowers right next to the computer. My husband is the "best husband EVER" :)

So at the end of my first week of work, it was definitely time for some exploration of my new home! First up - I finally found Polpis Harbor for some serious kayaking which turned into salt marsh exploration.

The tide was out and the peat was exposed - I was dragged in against my will 'cause I"m such a wetland nerd!!!
But just look at this - this "soil" is really just undecomposed plant material that accumulates in inundated (continuously or repeatedly wet) wetlands! The birds just loved this area.

I biked into Town to watch all of the wooden sailboats head out to the Nantucket Sound (area between Nantucket and America :) for the Opera House Cup sailboat race - beautiful boats, so so many of them with decked out racing crews!

My last fun for the weekend was - wait for it - the 30th annual Nantucket Demo Derby!!!! I was so relieved to see some nice, semi-rednecky, local flavor - made me feel at home! And check out the car with the sharkfin - much fun was had here by me! I followed the Derby with a nice long off-road bike ride back home, it was a good-funfilled weekend! Now it's back to my "Daily Grind!"


Meg said...

awwww what a sweet husband! :) and what a fun weekend!! i can't believe they had a demolition derby! i guess those new englanders are more laid back and down-and-dirty than we thought! :)

Anonymous said...

the best part of that photo? the guy standing in the steam shovel!

Erin said...

Great to "hear" your voice! And I'm happy that you sound happy... I have some photos to email you, once I settle down and relax for a bit! :)

Martie said...

Nice kayaking shots. Have you ever kayaked through the Creeks at the end of Washington Street?