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Sankaty Light at Sunset

15 August, 2008

I'm back and far far away!

Sorry it's been so long! I was out on Isle Royale National Park for two weeks - the land of no cell phone receptions or computers or TVS (Fan-fracking-tastic!) A picture post will be coming soon!

Then I was driving cross country,

stopping to see family,

and taking a ferry across the Atlantic Ocean to reach my new home and new job in Nantucket, Mass.

And now I"m here! Keep checking back for my adventures out here - my life as a New England girl!!


Erin said...

Eeks!!! You have arrived... to your new home-sweet-home! :) Noah was an awesome host, but we certainly missed you. Oh, and I'm very excited to go seal-spotting and tanning (all over!). love you!

Jen Karberg said...

Noah told you about the necked beach huh? :) I have yet to check it out! I'm glad Noah was a good host - it's so strange being a New Englander now - but fun and exciting :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry we weren't able to see you before you left for your new job and new home - best of luck in your new endeavor! Noah was the perfect host and made us feel right at home! We look forward to reading about life on Nantucket Island!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited that there's now familial representation on both coasts. Noah and I will overlap in Cleveland for a few hours, traffic willing, and my parents are very excited about getting both of us under the same roof at the same time--my dad's being pretty cute about it, for him.

Jen Karberg said...

Thanks Lynn! I'm sorry I couldn't see you guys also - visitation invitation extends to you as well! Island living is suiting me well I think! :)

Meg said...

ok fan-fracking-tastic is totally nerd-tastic adn i love it!

what's this about a nude beach?! :)

Jen Karberg said...

I am totally nerd-tastic and I've been watching too much Battlestar right now! :) If you come visit me - I'll take you to the nude beach! I haven't been yet but sounds fun.