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Title Photo
Sankaty Light at Sunset

29 August, 2008


I'm just a wee bit excited that my husband is finally coming to Nantucket today! He's been driving a UHAUL with all of our stuff across the country - stayed with Amy in Boston last night and he's on his way down towards the Cape ready to get on a 2 house ferry boat and make is way to me! There is much excitement in the Karberg household today 'cause you know, I've been without all my stuff for awhile now ;) Here's a delightful picture from Isle Royale to cheer you up on this fabulous Friday.

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Anonymous said...

The Isle Royale pictures are great.
And also the ones from Nantucket Island! And Noah is on his way - how wonderful! Enjoy the holiday weekend
and being with your hubby and unpacking all your things!