29 August, 2008


I'm just a wee bit excited that my husband is finally coming to Nantucket today! He's been driving a UHAUL with all of our stuff across the country - stayed with Amy in Boston last night and he's on his way down towards the Cape ready to get on a 2 house ferry boat and make is way to me! There is much excitement in the Karberg household today 'cause you know, I've been without all my stuff for awhile now ;) Here's a delightful picture from Isle Royale to cheer you up on this fabulous Friday.

28 August, 2008

Sheep ho!

Wow - my time in Nantucket has been flying by! So in my new job I am replacing someone who is having her second child. Basically we've arranged it so that she and I overlap and work and it has just been weeks of brain dump - passing of the informational torch. Along that lines I've spent a lot of fantastically gorgeous days inside, in front of a computer - not the best situation - until yesterday afternoon!

So NCF believes in sheep as a management tool! So we have a herd of a sheep! And a shepardess! Have you ever heard of such a thing? Yesterday I got to help move sheep - we're grazing them through different pastures AND I got to cuddle the new baby sheep while giving them vaccinations and shooting ear tags into their ears. All around, a delightful experience - maybe I'll have to figure out a way to devote more time to sheep and less to computers!

24 August, 2008

Taylor Sisters Take Over the Commonwealth

So, not only have I recently moved to Nantucket, MA - but my sister Amy has moved to Boston, MA. We have both suddenly gone from Midwest girls to the land of the New Englanders. Fortunately, Nantucket and Boston are in easy travel distance from each other - basically a 2 hr bus and a 1hr or 2hr ferry ride. So Amy decided that she needed a beach weekend before fall set in (can you blame her?) And she came down to visit me! Much much fun was had on both sides.

The weekend started out very inauspiciously with me getting locked out my apartment 1 hour before Amy was due to show up on the ferry. Do you know what it's like to get locked out of your apartment with no cell phone, no car keys, no nothing in a brand new place where you know no one?! Horrible!!! In this age of cell phones I have no numbers memorized any more - I know my husband who was over 1,500 miles away and my parents home phone number - that's it!! Nothing! Luckily for me, there was a very kindly locksmith willing to come out to my apartment after 9pm - he was wonderful and to make a very stressful story short - he got me into my apartment and I got to go pick Amy up from downtown Nantucket - after that, things just got better.

We spent all of Saturday and Sunday at the beach - what fantastic waves! And sun, and sand - Just great! We went to Cisco beach today - it's on the Atlantic side (as opposed to Nantucket Sound - I know - I"m smack in the middle of the Atlantic!)

The waves were at least 8-10ft and there were guys out on surf boards! We decided to brave the waves and spent a lot of time (an energy) coasting around, getting swamped and thoroughly enjoying ourselves!

And to make the trip even better we discovered this place in Town where you can get dinner and then see a movie - it's the only movie theatre on the island and it's small - smaller even than UP theatres!!! But the seating was comfortable. We saw Momma Mia - FANTASTIC. We were laughing our asses off - definitely the loudest people in the theatre although everyone else was enjoying themselves. There was a family in front of us with some very old women - in their 90s I'd guess and in one scene you are very suddenly shown a guy's butt cheeks - the old women were laughing uproariously and that cracked Amy and I up even more! The best part of the movie - seeing Colin Firth and Pierce Brosnan singing and looking like hippies/headbangers - much much joy!

It'll be my turn to visit Amy next - in October for the Great Big Sea concert!

18 August, 2008

One Week as a Nantucketer

Well - it's official - I've survived one whole week on this island - my new home! I've worked hard for a week, figuring out this complicated job I've jumped into, getting to know all the people I'm working with, and figuring out where things are! Nantucket may be small but quite a few of the roads make no sense - I've done some spectacular but unexpected off-road biking this week. That's right biking - I am now officially a bike commuter to EVERYWHERE. This weekend was the first time I drove in a week and that is only 'cause I have no way to pull my kayak with my bike (yet!)

I was greeted with a delightful surprise on my first day of work - this picture is my new desk - note the lovely flowers right next to the computer. My husband is the "best husband EVER" :)

So at the end of my first week of work, it was definitely time for some exploration of my new home! First up - I finally found Polpis Harbor for some serious kayaking which turned into salt marsh exploration.

The tide was out and the peat was exposed - I was dragged in against my will 'cause I"m such a wetland nerd!!!
But just look at this - this "soil" is really just undecomposed plant material that accumulates in inundated (continuously or repeatedly wet) wetlands! The birds just loved this area.

I biked into Town to watch all of the wooden sailboats head out to the Nantucket Sound (area between Nantucket and America :) for the Opera House Cup sailboat race - beautiful boats, so so many of them with decked out racing crews!

My last fun for the weekend was - wait for it - the 30th annual Nantucket Demo Derby!!!! I was so relieved to see some nice, semi-rednecky, local flavor - made me feel at home! And check out the car with the sharkfin - much fun was had here by me! I followed the Derby with a nice long off-road bike ride back home, it was a good-funfilled weekend! Now it's back to my "Daily Grind!"

15 August, 2008

I'm back and far far away!

Sorry it's been so long! I was out on Isle Royale National Park for two weeks - the land of no cell phone receptions or computers or TVS (Fan-fracking-tastic!) A picture post will be coming soon!

Then I was driving cross country,

stopping to see family,

and taking a ferry across the Atlantic Ocean to reach my new home and new job in Nantucket, Mass.

And now I"m here! Keep checking back for my adventures out here - my life as a New England girl!!