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15 July, 2008

Staging - warning Picture Intensive Blog

Selling a house is a complicated procedure!! We had our official signing meeting with our realtor this afternoon to put our house on the market - that wasn't the complicated part. It took FOREVER to stage every room - basically to set the rooms up in a neat, nice, sparsely decorated way that will hopefully appeal to potential buyers. When Meg was up, she was a tremendous help in packing up extra stuff and staging rooms. Staging, by the way, is the official term for setting up rooms for view when trying to sell your house (learning a whole new vocabulary here!)

Well - the house is finally set - it has never looked this good!!! So if you ever wondered what my decorating style is like - here it is (in a much neater-than-actual fashion!) We've worked on EVER room in the house, stripping wood work of paint, redoing wood floors, patching plaster walls and painting.

First the bedroom - a nice blue with stripped wood work:

The spare bedroom/TV room - we sold most of the furniture that belongs in this room and the pink carpet was totally there when we bought the house!

Our beautiful bathroom that we designed - we used to have to sit down to shower until we raised the room and made this bathroom and our study - bonus!

Noah's stairwell - he stripped paint and wallpaper from ALL of this woodwork!

Our lovely downstairs rooms - I LOVE these rooms! We really experimented with color in this house!

And last, but not least, our newly completed kitchen - I'm in love with my kitchen and will be able to enjoy it in it's completed form for exactly 1 week - sad but true!


Erin said...

aw, I'm going to miss your house! Will Noah still be there when we come up after Ore 2 Shore?

I love your blog-- I'll link to you on mine if you link to me on yours. :)

amyelita said...

Wow!! Look at you and your real estate lingo. I have to say the picture doesn't do justice to the pretty wall color in the study. And your kitchen is gorgeous!! Great job guys :)

Anonymous said...

Jennifer.. you house looks GREAT!!! I bet you and Noah are sad to leave it Mom

Meg said...

such fabulous staging! maybe you guys should flip houses in Nantucket... ;)

Erin said...

The up-close-and-personal view of the staging was SO impressive. You did an awesome job with strategic placement of decorative items, etc. And it actually made me want to work on de-cluttering a bit! :)

Jen Karberg said...

Noah and I kept saying how nice it was - why didn't we keep the house that way ALL the time - 'cause we wouldn't have any time! :)