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14 July, 2008

Sisters and Strawberries

Wow - it's been awhile since I've posted a comment. One of my sisters, Megan, was up visiting me for a week in the wilds of the UP and we were crazy busy with all sorts of fun things!

First off, it is high strawberry season in the Yoop right now. This place as the ABSOLUTELY best tasting strawberries that I have EVER tasted - they are just fantasticly rich and juicy. And the joy of living up here is U-pick strawberry sessions. On wednesday morning, bright and early (6:15am) Meg and I got up, went to fetch Linda and pick many many strawberries. Meg has never picked before and it was awesome. We netted about 8 pints each for around $16.00 - a steal for organic strawberries! There were people there with whole families paying around $100 for strawberries. So we get home and have all these strawberries!!!

What to do? Why make strawberry daquiris of course and strawberry shortcake and the best strawberry/almond/chocolate chip muffins EVER :) By the time Saturday and the Chassel Straweberry Festival came around we were almost strawberried out. We made a valiant effort though and went to watch the doggies in the Strawberry parade.

So aside from strawberries - we visited a few beaches, ate Monk muffins, went hiking at Hungarian Falls with the doggie and packed the house! Meg went to an authentic Yooper bonfire party complete with burned sweaters and old house tours! We did a bar crawl and got ogled by old men - some of the many joys of living in a place with fewer women :)

We tried desperately to rent Newsies - remember the old Disney classic with Christian Bale and Bill Pulman, sing, dancing, and pelvic thrusts! We saw some of it on You Tube - to which we were able to sing along to every word! Then we rented it and it didn't work!!! The horror - you can't just watch it by yourself - you have to have someone to share it with.

Now Megan is gone and I only have 3 days until we leave for Isle Royale - when I come back, I'm off to start the new job - life is moving crazy fast now but it is exciting!


amyelita said...

Yoop summers are beautiful. All those strawberries remind me of our strawberry wine!! Have fun on Isle Royale! I'll see you when we're both Mass girls :)

Meg said...

hands down the BEST and most authentic Yopper vacation ever :) you, noah, strawberries and good times with your friends - I couldn't ask for better! :)