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Title Photo
Sankaty Light at Sunset

17 July, 2008

Hungarian Falls Hike in Pictoral

When Megan was here we took the dog on a long hike up to Hungarian Falls - the falls aren't really impressive this time of year but the views are and at least it was sunny and warm while we were hiking! It's one of my favorite hiking spots close to town.

The best part of the trip was watching the dog viciously attack sticks in the pond at the base of the little falls. I have no idea what they did to upset her but she definitely HAD to kill them :)

That's all - hope everyone is well. I will be incommunicado for two whole weeks - hubby and I are heading out to Isle Royale National Park for a much needed kayaking adventure - pictures and stories to come when we return!


Erin said...

You guys SO look alike-- and I love how you each have one eye squinted a little. So cute. :)

Meg said...

She totally killed those sticks! In addition to scaring the bejeezus out of us by getting too close to the edge of cliffs.