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07 July, 2008

4th of July and Garage Sale Busy-ness!

Man - what a crazy, busy, fun weekend!

Started out with much fun on the 4th of July on Friday. Noah and I met up with our friend Linda and biked out to the annual Keweenaw Land Trust Horse-Tail Scramble. Basically - the afternoon started off with a 10k run/5k walk winding through the beautiful Churning Rapids ski trails. Due to the fact that it was already like 85 degrees and 1pm when the race started - we all opted for the walk! Post-walk, fantastic buffet of food - think table of inventive organic hippy food and you'll get the gist :) The buffet and after-party were hosted at a house adjacent to the Churning Rapids trails - this place is fantastic - completely energy efficient - they are able to sell energy back to the grid! Massive gardens, swimming pond and games. Noah excelled at the pie eating contest, coming in 2nd place!

And Linda and I got into the last round of the water balloon throwing contest!

After biking back and spending over 6 hours in the hot hot sun - we collapsed for a nap and completely missed fireworks! That was okay because early the next morning....

The garage sale!!!

So we posted the start time for 9am - people up here are crazy for a garage sale, they were driving by at 7am!!! Finally, there were so may people at 8:30am that we had to let them in. It was so busy that I didn't even remember to take pictures until the afternoon when more than half the stuff was sold already! And we did sell most of the stuff we put out - we were trying to pare things down for moving and we got rid of almost a third of our belongings and made a good bundle of cash! I was impressed. Linda and George stopped by halfway through - now George's family runs estate sales and he said we were doing a fantastic job - Noah found his calling I think - he kept chatting up the old Yooper men and offering to make bargains and getting things sold! Altogether a crazy, exhausting day!

And now - my sister Megan is coming up to visit for a week - most exciting!!! Craziness will abound!

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Meg said...

Craziness totally abounded!! :)