17 July, 2008

Hungarian Falls Hike in Pictoral

When Megan was here we took the dog on a long hike up to Hungarian Falls - the falls aren't really impressive this time of year but the views are and at least it was sunny and warm while we were hiking! It's one of my favorite hiking spots close to town.

The best part of the trip was watching the dog viciously attack sticks in the pond at the base of the little falls. I have no idea what they did to upset her but she definitely HAD to kill them :)

That's all - hope everyone is well. I will be incommunicado for two whole weeks - hubby and I are heading out to Isle Royale National Park for a much needed kayaking adventure - pictures and stories to come when we return!

15 July, 2008

Staging - warning Picture Intensive Blog

Selling a house is a complicated procedure!! We had our official signing meeting with our realtor this afternoon to put our house on the market - that wasn't the complicated part. It took FOREVER to stage every room - basically to set the rooms up in a neat, nice, sparsely decorated way that will hopefully appeal to potential buyers. When Meg was up, she was a tremendous help in packing up extra stuff and staging rooms. Staging, by the way, is the official term for setting up rooms for view when trying to sell your house (learning a whole new vocabulary here!)

Well - the house is finally set - it has never looked this good!!! So if you ever wondered what my decorating style is like - here it is (in a much neater-than-actual fashion!) We've worked on EVER room in the house, stripping wood work of paint, redoing wood floors, patching plaster walls and painting.

First the bedroom - a nice blue with stripped wood work:

The spare bedroom/TV room - we sold most of the furniture that belongs in this room and the pink carpet was totally there when we bought the house!

Our beautiful bathroom that we designed - we used to have to sit down to shower until we raised the room and made this bathroom and our study - bonus!

Noah's stairwell - he stripped paint and wallpaper from ALL of this woodwork!

Our lovely downstairs rooms - I LOVE these rooms! We really experimented with color in this house!

And last, but not least, our newly completed kitchen - I'm in love with my kitchen and will be able to enjoy it in it's completed form for exactly 1 week - sad but true!

14 July, 2008

Sisters and Strawberries

Wow - it's been awhile since I've posted a comment. One of my sisters, Megan, was up visiting me for a week in the wilds of the UP and we were crazy busy with all sorts of fun things!

First off, it is high strawberry season in the Yoop right now. This place as the ABSOLUTELY best tasting strawberries that I have EVER tasted - they are just fantasticly rich and juicy. And the joy of living up here is U-pick strawberry sessions. On wednesday morning, bright and early (6:15am) Meg and I got up, went to fetch Linda and pick many many strawberries. Meg has never picked before and it was awesome. We netted about 8 pints each for around $16.00 - a steal for organic strawberries! There were people there with whole families paying around $100 for strawberries. So we get home and have all these strawberries!!!

What to do? Why make strawberry daquiris of course and strawberry shortcake and the best strawberry/almond/chocolate chip muffins EVER :) By the time Saturday and the Chassel Straweberry Festival came around we were almost strawberried out. We made a valiant effort though and went to watch the doggies in the Strawberry parade.

So aside from strawberries - we visited a few beaches, ate Monk muffins, went hiking at Hungarian Falls with the doggie and packed the house! Meg went to an authentic Yooper bonfire party complete with burned sweaters and old house tours! We did a bar crawl and got ogled by old men - some of the many joys of living in a place with fewer women :)

We tried desperately to rent Newsies - remember the old Disney classic with Christian Bale and Bill Pulman, sing, dancing, and pelvic thrusts! We saw some of it on You Tube - to which we were able to sing along to every word! Then we rented it and it didn't work!!! The horror - you can't just watch it by yourself - you have to have someone to share it with.

Now Megan is gone and I only have 3 days until we leave for Isle Royale - when I come back, I'm off to start the new job - life is moving crazy fast now but it is exciting!

07 July, 2008

4th of July and Garage Sale Busy-ness!

Man - what a crazy, busy, fun weekend!

Started out with much fun on the 4th of July on Friday. Noah and I met up with our friend Linda and biked out to the annual Keweenaw Land Trust Horse-Tail Scramble. Basically - the afternoon started off with a 10k run/5k walk winding through the beautiful Churning Rapids ski trails. Due to the fact that it was already like 85 degrees and 1pm when the race started - we all opted for the walk! Post-walk, fantastic buffet of food - think table of inventive organic hippy food and you'll get the gist :) The buffet and after-party were hosted at a house adjacent to the Churning Rapids trails - this place is fantastic - completely energy efficient - they are able to sell energy back to the grid! Massive gardens, swimming pond and games. Noah excelled at the pie eating contest, coming in 2nd place!

And Linda and I got into the last round of the water balloon throwing contest!

After biking back and spending over 6 hours in the hot hot sun - we collapsed for a nap and completely missed fireworks! That was okay because early the next morning....

The garage sale!!!

So we posted the start time for 9am - people up here are crazy for a garage sale, they were driving by at 7am!!! Finally, there were so may people at 8:30am that we had to let them in. It was so busy that I didn't even remember to take pictures until the afternoon when more than half the stuff was sold already! And we did sell most of the stuff we put out - we were trying to pare things down for moving and we got rid of almost a third of our belongings and made a good bundle of cash! I was impressed. Linda and George stopped by halfway through - now George's family runs estate sales and he said we were doing a fantastic job - Noah found his calling I think - he kept chatting up the old Yooper men and offering to make bargains and getting things sold! Altogether a crazy, exhausting day!

And now - my sister Megan is coming up to visit for a week - most exciting!!! Craziness will abound!

01 July, 2008

Oh Canada

Happy Canada Day one and all! For celebration I listened to some of my favorite band - Great Big Sea, a fantastic celtic rock band from the "tropical island of NewFoundland" :). If you haven't heard of them - definitely check them out - they force a smile to your face and a jig to your step no matter how you're feeling!

Other than celebration of our fantastic country to the north (or, actually, some of it is to the south from where I am right now in the good old Upper Peninsula), Noah and I met with more realtors today. That's right, we're beginning the arduous and slightly scary task of actually trying to sell our house. Here's keeping figures crossed that the house actually sells for a good price and isn't on the market too long! It's an adorable house and we've done so much work to it - someone must want it!!!!

We're spending the next two weeks finishing the kitchen remodel and then putting it on the market! Here's keeping fingers crossed - Oh! and we have to clear out a bunch of stuff so there's gonna be a massive garage sale this Saturday for those of you in there - come check it out!

K - off to get my beauty sleep, much work in the morning!