30 June, 2008

In the beginning

Here goes - I'm off on a new chapter of my life, a new and exciting chapter.  I've been so many different places and made so many wonderful friends - what better way to keep in touch than to force people to read my rambling thoughts written late at night and clutter up the internet with more blogginess - besides, everyone else has a blog :)

As many of you know or do not know - I recently finished my PhD - yay me!!!! Phew - is it a relief to be finished with school finally.  Someone recently pointed out to me that, since high school finished, I have spent 10 years in school - man does that make you feel old!  

Luck for me, I have found a job in the real world that I think is going to be perfect for me.  Most people with a science PhD go straight from grad school to the post-doc and then to the tenure-track professorship.  I have to confess to a strong lack of interest in entering academia.  The whole, publish-or-perish, give up all of your life until you get tenure mentality just did not appeal to me.  Besides, I have this wish to not just conduct my research in a disconnected ivory tower but to actually use it in the field  - and that is the exact description of my new job!  I'm going to be the Research Supervisor for the Nantucket Conservation Foundation .  That's right - I'm moving to Nantucket, MA - never really thought that would happen!  I get to live on an island in the Atlantic ocean - isolated from the mainland by 30 miles, surrounded by water and beach with very little snow (if you don't know, this point is extremely important to me!!!).  It's going to be an exciting and new adventure - as all life should be.  So stay tuned and I'll try and keep things updated with the fun that will be my life!